castle on a cloudcastle on a cloud There is a castle on a cloudI like to go there in my sleepAren't any floors for me ARMANIto sweepNot in my caslte on the cloud雲上有座城堡我想在夢中到那兒去那裡沒有要打掃的地板在我雲中的城堡沒有這事There is a 酒店工作room that's ful of toys There are a hundred boys and girlsNobody shouts or talks too loudNot in my castle on a cloud那買屋裡頭有個房間滿是玩具有成千上百個男孩女孩沒人大喊或大聲講話在我雲中的城堡沒這事There is a lady all in whiteHolds me and 房地產sings a lullabyShe's nice to seeAnd she's soft to touchShe says:'Cosette I love you very much'有位女士全身婚禮顧問白抱著我唱催眠曲她真好看摸起來好柔軟她說:柯賽特我好愛妳I know a place where no one's lostIknow a place where no one 酒店經紀cries Crying at all is not allowed Not in my castle on a cloud我知道有個地方沒有人會走去我知道有個地方沒人哭泣哭泣是不准許帛琉的 在我雲中的城堡Oh help ! I think I hear them nowand I'm nowhere near finished sweeping and scrubbing and 花蓮民宿polishing the floorOh, its her ! It's Madame !幫幫我,我想他們找到我了可是我什麼事都沒有清理完地板都沒擦乾也沒有打亮來九份民宿了,是老闆娘!

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